Vučić: "Neither USA nor Russia won't tell us what to do, we will protect our people"

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, spoke today from New York.

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President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, is in the United States of America since the day before yesterday, where he is participating in the 78th session of the UN General Assembly.

"We are intensively conducting talks with international representatives for Kosovo and Metohija. We are doing everything in our power. We know very well what our job is and what kind of job it is to protect the interests of our people. I invite everyone to react, to do everything in their power so that the Serbs can survive in the territory of Kosovo and Metohija. I informed the Spanish Prime Minister, who is otherwise a sincere and great friend of Serbia, about this, about everything that is happening. I spoke again with Charles Michel and many representatives of the EU. I hope that he will understand our messages well", Vucic said.

He says that efforts are being made to convene an extraordinary session of the UN Security Council.

"We are fed up with more of that both sides narative, it is obvious who is to blame here, it is also clear to those who support Kurti's behavior. We will discuss this on Saturday and Sunday and make a final decision."

"It is clear that after Albin Kurti's threats that the Serbs would suffer and pay, he started a wider campaign of ethnic cleansing. We are doing everything in our power, we want to use all political means. We call on the international community to react. In the early hours of the morning we will have very important meetings."

"The main topic of my speech will be the principles of international public law, as a political veteran, I want to leave a mark with that speech and I ask the citizens of Serbia to listen to it, it will be after 5 p.m., I will speak the facts, the truth, and I believe that many will not like it. Maybe I will I speak a bit longer, maybe they will interrupt me, some spoke longer, they were not interrupted."

"We are coordinating dates with the Korean president, the Chinese president, important meetings. We can expect wider support from the People's Republic of China. We are now counting the members of the Security Council, we need nine on our side," said Vučić.

"We are neutral, we can only rely on ourselves"

Vučić, on the occasion of Jutarnji list's writing about the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh, said: "It is interesting how Croats and false right-wingers in Serbia draw different conclusions. We do not belong to any military pact, we are neutral. Armenia belongs to the CSTO. Armenia was not neutral, but it was abandoning its positions... We respect Armenia, but we are neutral and I know that we can only rely on ourselves... That's why we need a stronger army and economy".

He added that we will protect our sky and our people. "You can feel the smell of freedom in the world. I'm not saying that it has come, but it is being felt. I see how freedom movements are spreading in the world... And for us, small countries, when we feel that smell of freedom, that is sometimes enough. I will continue to take deep breaths of the smell of freedom for Serbia, I hope without harm to Serbia. Long live Serbia," said Vučić from New York.

Vučić then announced himself on the Instagram platform.

"For thirty years, Serbian people suffered the worst hypocrisy, pressures and attacks, just because they wanted to preserve their land and the hearths of their great-grandfathers. In those thirty years, they took everything from us, starting with people to territory. And for all that they did to us, they always blamed us. Today, the situation for our country is as difficult as it was fifteen or twenty years ago. However, for the first time, the winds of freedom are blowing more and more strongly here in the UN. We, the Serbs and the citizens of Serbia, breathe in the air of freedom deeply and we will protect our country. There is no surrender," wrote Vučić.


"Edi Rama, a weird man..."

Pristina politician Muharrem Nitaj pointed out the request of Rama for KFOR to take control of the north is the same as the request of the President of Serbia.

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