"It's time for radical moves; send the army to the border with Serbia"

Croatia believes it is time to take radical measures in order to protect Croatian borders and safety of citizens, due to the large influx of illegal migrants.

Source: Tanjug

Yesterday, the Parliamentary Club of Croatian Sovereigntists announced that, given the growing influx of illegal migrants into Croatia, which results in increasingly frequent incidents, it is high time to take radical steps to protect Croatian borders, as well as the safety of Croatian citizens in border areas.

Regarding the latest incident with illegal migrants, when shots were allegedly heard at the Croatian police on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, this caucus says that this only shows that without radical measures the problem of illegal migrants will not be solved or at least reduced.

"Croatia, in order to protect its borders, as well as the external borders of the European Union, urgently needs to send the army to the borders with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, but also start installing wire, because this is obviously the only way to protect against the increasingly frequent incursions of migrants into Croatian territory", states the Croatian Sovereigntists.

Croatian Interior Minister Davor Božinović announced yesterday that a criminal investigation is underway into the circumstances of the shooting from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was witnessed by Croatian police officers in the border area near Rakovica on Wednesday, after they prevented a group of illegal migrants from entering Croatia. The Karlovac police previously announced that the policemen, who prevented a group of illegal migrants from entering Croatia, witnessed gunshots at the border area in the town of Koranski Lug near Rakovica.

On the BiH side, however, there was no such information.


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