USA stated: It is known when the war in Ukraine will end?

Russian President Vladimir Putin will not make peace in Ukraine before the results of the American elections are announced, a senior U.S. official said.

Source: Tanjug
Foto: Profimedia/ Celal Gunes Anadolu Agency ABACAPRESS
Foto: Profimedia/ Celal Gunes Anadolu Agency ABACAPRESS

"I expect that Putin will not make peace, or at least not to a significant extent, before he sees the results of our elections," said the U.S. official, who wished to remain anonymous, Reuters reported.

The American elections are scheduled for November next year.

He added that the alliance reiterated that it will continue to support Ukraine, although it knows that it is unlikely that a peace agreement will be reached in the coming year.

Reuters reports that an unnamed U.S. official made the assessment amid concerns that a potential victory by former U.S. President Donald Trump could reverse Western support for Kyiv.


0.1 to total disaster

A month before the end of 2023, it is already known that this year will reach a global warming of 1.4 degrees compared to the pre-industrial period.

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